Alexander (Alex) Rodriguez is a Director in DP-DHL’s Washington Corporate Public Affairs Office. Alex is a security practitioner with deep experience in the customs and security operations, and he currently serves on the Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC), advising the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on key cargo security policies. Alex began his distinguished career in air cargo in Miami, Florida followed by 10-years in Memphis, TN where he built his expertise in aviation and regulatory security matters.  After 12 years, Alex shifted his focus in air cargo from the perspective of the carrier to the security provider, where he worked for the largest private canine company in the world. During his two years at MSA, Alex worked to ensure the continued success of the TSA Third Party Canine (3PK9) Program across all cargo sectors.

Alex received a B.S. from Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida and an M.S. in Public Safety Management from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.