Manager Border Control & Regulatory Affairs
Vice Chairman of IATA Cargo Handling Council
Member of IATA Cargo Customs Working Group
Member of IATA Cargo Security Working Group
Member of IATA Cargo Border Management Board
Member of the Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists ACSS

After 22 years in law enforcement Arnoud joined the airline industry in 2005. After several positions in ground service and cargo handling management he was responsible for the implementation of ACAS for the joint AirFrance – KLM – Martinair group in 2012 and worked from that moment on in several compliance roles.

Over the last 6 Years Arnoud has been mainly focusing on the design and implementation of automated screening tools screening shipments on military strategic nature, screening against actual sanctionslists, suspicious routing and more.

Currently Arnoud is responsible for translation of international (trade) sanctions and regulatory requirements on customs and security into policies and procedures for KLM Cargo. He is also the industry representative for KLM Cargo and represents KLM Cargo with regards to regulatory affairs world wide. Addressing and presenting regulatory changes and trade sanctions to various regulatory entities, industry groups and other platforms is part of this.

Arnoud thrives in an international environment where the public sector meets the private sector and is able to translate the needs of both sectors into agreements between regulatory entities and KLM.