For 40 years, Dan has been one of the industry’s leading experts in air cargo, land use, and strategic planning. After heading cargo operations for the Port Authority of NY and NJ, he worked as a private developer of air cargo facilities, overseeing the planning and coordination of multi-firm consulting teams on large-scale domestic and international projects. He entered consulting in 2001 and has led major cargo analyses and planning studies for airports throughout the world. His clients included 20 of the top 30 airports in North America, state-wide air cargo planning analyses, and complex planning and assessment projects at large airports throughout China, India, South America, and the Middle East including planning for the world’s largest air cargo operation at the new airport in Dubai. In total, he has planned more than 30 million square feet of air cargo facilities at airports all over the world including large air logistics parks for major gateway airports. At the request of the Argentinean government, he also led a special consulting assignment on privatizing that nation’s air cargo industry and has served as a subject matter specialist for the U.S. Government on cargo security. He expanded the focus of cargo to include land use and strategic planning, thus broadening and enriching comprehensive planning efforts.

He now heads his own company where he continues his work in cargo and land use development, strategically integrating on and off airport planning to help airports grow revenue and regional jobs through new and dynamic business models.

Dan was one of the founding members of the ACI-NA Air Cargo Committee (then Sub-Committee) in 1990-1991 and he has remained active and a leader with the Committee since then. His extensive knowledge and experience led him to be named Member Emeritus. He has co-written and edited the Air Cargo Guide, the original version of which he helped create in 1995. He has a B.A from New York University and an M.B.A in Executive Management with distinction, from Pace University.