Consistency is a skill that relatively every professional must possess and it rewards you with enormous power to dominate the space you work in. Here is a woman who has put in 34 years of her career in the logistics industry – Donna Mullins. She began her career as an Import Agent and went on to become one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the international trade and logistics industry. In this blog, Donna is revealing how she stumbled into the logistics industry and how she held on to it for more than three decades.

Donna says, “I stumbled into logistics and I was about 18 years old when I contacted my aunt for a job where she was working for an importer. She hired me for their showroom to take orders. Way back then, we had something called a Telex machine to send the overseas supplier orders for what needed to be shipped. I did that for a while and then they needed someone at the warehouse to do something called landed cost.”

She further said, “Later on my aunt took a job with our customs broker and I asked her to get a job for me too. In that job, they realized I was relatively fast with data entry. I had the job of an Import Agent where I entered data into our ABI system for customs release. In 1989, I became a Licensed Customs Broker. I held managerial positions for large organizations and in October 2002, I bought Alpha Sun International, a Customs Brokerage firm. I owned the company for 10 years and sold it. I was on board of the acquired company for a two-year transition period.”

“Later on, I formed Mullins International Solutions, which is a Compliance Training and Consulting firm for international logistics. Mullins International Solutions was chosen by Kale Logistics Solutions and I was their Senior Consultant for Kale Logistics Solutions before I joined the company full time. Now, I’m a Vice President in Kale Info Solutions USA which is a subsidiary of Kale Logistics,” she added.