For Joe Hurst, Vice President, Veroot, the AirCargo Conference is a must-attend event. 

“For our team, the AirCargo Conference means catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  Our company provides TSA and CTPAT automation solutions purpose-built for the air freight community – so this show is a natural fit! This event is an excellent opportunity to tell people about what is new with Veroot, get their feedback, and also share a meal together. If you’re new, the real bonus is the amazing people. We have made lifelong friends at the AirCargo Conference and wouldn’t miss it. We have been coming for ten years – stop by the booth (#308), say “Hi!” and join us for our eleventh [AirCargo Conference]!”

The AirCargo Conference is the best opportunity for air cargo professionals to meet and discuss the newest requirements and regulations for the year ahead. For everyone, no matter their operational access, to learn, grow, and network. Our Insights start you on the right path with the knowledge you need to navigate the complexities of an ever-evolving industry. 

Attending the AirCargo Conference brings the brightest minds together to share ideas and information that sets them above the competition. Success is different for everyone, but at the basic definition, it means accomplishing an aim or purpose. The purpose of the AirCargo Conference is to bring together professionals from all levels of our industry. Making connections, discovering innovative solutions, and watching the different facets of our industry grow and flourish with the connections we facilitate is at the heart of every AirCargo event. 

 Our motto is our mission. AirCargo 2023 is Igniting Insights and Securing Success.