Every year the best and brightest in air freight come together to celebrate the industry, learn the newest technologies, check on old friends and make connections with investors, customers, and vendors that will support them through the following year. From Airlines to Carriers to Forwarders, this conference offers something for everyone. This year we’re asking new and old attendees what they’re excited about, what they loved before, and why they’re grateful for the friends they made at the AirCargo Conference. Today we hear from the AEMCA’s own Dayna Harap, Vice President Sales, Direct Expedite, LLC. 

direct expedite

“I look forward to the AirCargo Conference every year as it’s the one main event where you can always expect great topics to be discussed that affect our industry. They always have a great lineup of speakers, issues, and subject matter experts that affect each of us. 

Networking is another favorite of mine, as this is where we all see familiar and new faces and hopefully build on the relationships we already have and grow new ones. 

I also enjoy exhibiting at the show as a business owner, as it puts our company out there for people to stop by our booth and learn about our services and opportunities. At the same time, we get to walk the floor and meet other companies that we may be able to work with or even refer people to. There’s something for everyone, and I’m delighted by something new each year.

The entire three-day event is filled with a lot of information, fun, networking, entertainment, introductions, a time to play catch up, and a time to learn.

It’s the biggest event of the year for the Air Cargo community under one big roof, where no matter what you sign up to do, there will always be a great return on your investment as a business. 

I love attending so much that I became a board member of the AEMCA. It’s a significant national event to attend that won’t leave you disappointed.”

With all of this in mind, it’s important to note that the Early Bird pricing has recently been extended! Sign up before December 1st, so you can still save big on the most significant event for the industry!