Announcing the New AirCargo Conference Logo and Brand Identity

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the NEW AirCargo Conference logo! As key players in the air cargo supply chain continue to advance the air freight and transportation industry, we at AirCargo Conference HQ endeavored to create a brand identity that truly speaks to who you are, what you stand for, and our future as an industry. 

If you’re here for the highlights, here’s what you need to know:

  • The new AirCargo Conference logo will be our primary logo in emails, on social media, on our website, and at the conference.
  • We’re the same power-packed, setting-the-bar-high AirCargo Conference of yesteryear, only getting better as we match the progress and innovation of our attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors.

If you enjoy design and innovation as much as we do, you’ll love reading the background behind creating the AirCargo logo. We hope it swooshes you away!

Logo Objective

Develop a unique logo mark that maintains the original AirCargo brand name but elevates it and embodies strength, innovation, community and progress. This IS the NEW AirCargo Conference!

What is a logo?

Quite simply, it’s a mark that represents a product, service or company, which can be executed with a graphical mark, name, unique font and color. The AirCargo logo utilizes all of these key design elements that we feel really exemplifies the AirCargo Conference brand identity.

Blue and Gray Brand Colors

The color blue by definition symbolizes the sea and sky, inspiration, trust, loyalty and intelligence while the color gray is strong, bold, constant and reliable. For AirCargo, these colors represent our core values as well as the progress and opportunity that’s provided at our conferences. 

A & C Intertwined

By combining the acronym letters “A & C” we can see the union of two entities coming together through transportation via air and cargo. Hence, the AirCargo name. 


We intentionally used three icons that represent the core modalities: air, land and sea. AirCargo not only works with the air freight sector but encompasses all three modes of cargo transportation. Our net is cast wide to include all aspects of the air freight supply chain.

The Swoosh 

The swoosh graphical element represents movement, change, momentum, action, and progress. AirCargo strives for progress as our community evolves at the local, national and global level. Transportation IS CHANGE and we’re moving with it!

We believe the qualities found in the new AirCargo Conference logo convey our core values.

Core Values

Connections, Learning, ROI, Growth, Deal Making, Innovation, Global View and Diversity. As a global brand, we strive to connect, build and innovate with the air freight and transportation community across the globe. 

AirCargo Conference History

The AirCargo Conference was established in 1997 and has grown to 1000+ attendees, sponsors and speakers in 2023. It’s an international, accredited, annual conference that brings together the air cargo supply chain to discuss trends, challenges, opportunities, innovations and the future of the air cargo industry. Airlines, airport authorities, freight forwarders, truckers and expediting companies, along with the vendors who support them, collaborate and network in one place. 

Look for the new AirCargo Conference logo (shown here) and branding in the coming days, weeks and months. We’ll be launching new designs on social media, email and here on our website.

Don’t forget to REGISTER for AirCargo 2024! The registration is available on the top of all pages on our website.

We hope to see you in Louisville, KY – MIX IT UP at AirCargo Conference 2024!