Being an exhibitor at the AirCargo Conference offers more than just access to hundreds of guests, insights, and connections. Throughout the three-day conference, hundreds of people will be driven through the expo hall to various events and insights, ensuring those eyes regularly pass by every booth, giving you the chance to grow connections throughout the event. Exhibition spaces offer your team a basecamp, a command center that offers a dedicated space for you to take meetings, do demonstrations, and dazzle the onlookers who have yet to meet you. 

With several hundred attendees registered for the entire event, many coming to visit on single-day tickets, and last-minute arrivals, the AirCargo Conference gives you more bang for your booth than any other dedicated cargo conference in the Western Hemisphere. Designed to maximize your exposure, we program our conference insights to move the crowd through the expo hall, ensuring your booth consistently has fresh foot traffic passing back and forth. 

Exhibiting at the AirCargo Conference offers prospective clients a chance to see your team in action. Consider the eye-catching ability of a prime placement website ad, plus the foot traffic of a busy street loaded with potential clients, on top of the ability to reach out to new business with a handshake, a look in the eye, and a meaningful conversation about the needs of the customer and the benefits of your service all rolled into one glorious moment that’s repeated over and over throughout the second weekend in February. 

The exhibition booth at the AirCargo Conference offers you a chance to show off your services, give presentations to myriad new connections, and secure success by bringing your customers behind the curtain to meet your team, see your services and learn how their business will thrive when combined with your expertise. At the AirCargo Conference, our attendees come looking to make connections, many keeping a list of new providers they can interview, talk to and work with to expand business in the future. Attendees come to the conference knowing they can meet the dedicated professionals specializing in the air cargo services that keep our world moving.